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Stories of Healing

Victoria Arellano
DATE/TIME SENT: 7/12/2011 10:13:33 AM


On March 15, 2009 Fr. Michael Sears was in Pueblo, CO at Holy Family Church. I attended a healing mass. I had my eyes closed during the beginning of the mass. I could not open them it was as if they were glued shut. In my mind I saw Jesus come down off the cross to me. He was dressed in a white robe surrounded by a halo of light around his entire body. I could not believe this was happening to me. He came to me put his arms around me and hugged me. He put my head on his shoulder told me everything was going to be all right. I could feel the heat coming from his body. While all this was happening I was trying to open my eyes and could not do it. I could feel myself sobbing. When He told me this I had two thoughts either I was going to die right there, which was okay by me I was at peace or I was going to be healed. Then all of a sudden he was gone. I was able to open my eyes but could not stop crying. 
After the mass I went to Fr. Michael Sears to pray over me. He put his hands on the top of my head. I felt as if I was on
fire. I knew in my heart I was healed. I had three blood clots in my brain. The doctors I was seeing had told me there was nothing that could be done for me. Surgery was not an option and the medication did not work to dissolve the clots. The next day I called my doctor and went in to see her. I asked her to send me for an MRI of my brain. I had to wait another
month. When the results came back the blood clots were gone!!  None of my doctors could explain how the blood clots could have dissolved. I did tell them I had a healing that Jesus had sent me to Fr. Michael to heal me. The
younger doctor I had been seeing said, "praise the Lord," the older one had no comment. My personal doctor is a believer. As of today I remain with no blood clots in my brain. I do have scars in my brain where the bloods clots were. I praise God every day for my healing and for sending Fr. Michael to heal me. I was so glad I was able to talk to 
Fr. Michael when he came to Pueblo this  
past week to 

let him know what had happened to me.

Hello Fr. Mike,
It was so nice to see you this past Sunday 8-1-10.  :)
I would like to share my testimony with you.
I was experiencing chest pain the 2nd week in June.  My primary care doctor was on vacation and it was not that severe, so I took an aspirin and ignored it.  I made an appointment to see him when he got back and he referred me to a cardiologist.  I saw him on 6-21-10 he took a cardiogram and said that it looked like I had suffered a heart attack.  He scheduled me for a Nuclear Stress Test on 6-25-10.  After the test I asked the Tech if everything looked OK and he said no, come look at the computer screen and I'll show you (I know that the Techs aren't supposed to do that) he showed me 2 dark spots and said that it does not look good.  I asked what do you think and he stated that the Dr. will probably order an Angiogram.  On Sunday 6-27-10 I saw you after mass and we talked & you mentioned that you were going to be away,  but you would  be at St. Angela's Church in Brea the next day at 7pm for a Healing Service.  I went to St. Angela's ( I was praying to God that I would be healed)  You laid hands on me and I was filled with the Holy Spirit and felt great.  I saw the Dr. on 6-29-10 and he said my results were Normal.  I guess he saw the look on my face and showed me the report.  I thought to myself I was healed.  I asked the Dr. if he believed in Divine Intervention he said I'm believing it more & more.  I was healed by the Holy Spirit through you Fr. Mike, I praise & thank God every day.  Thank you Fr. Mike you are a wonderful priest, God has blessed you abundantly.  God Bless you for all you do, in Jesus' name.  Amen.  Peace be with you.
Your Sister In Christ,

At the last Healing Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Father Sears prayed
over me (this was my third time) and I was "slain in the spirit."

I have Diabetes and my feet gave me great pain at times.  Enough so that I
would be forced to take pain pills at times.  The next day I noticed that
my feet didn't hurt as bad, in fact not at all.  I waited awhile because
the pain would always come and go.  It's been at least a month and my feet are healed.

I wanted to thank Father Sears and let him know!

Janice Cleary





This is our beautiful 9-year old daughter Hannah. The picture was taken on May 11, 2006 during her class field trip in Riley’s Farm. That was 2 days after we brought her to the Healing Mass presided by Fr. Michael Sears at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Chino Hills.

Hannah felt a right leg pain last April 25th after the Legion of Mary met for a Patrician Meeting at our house. The following day, the school nurse called me (Dori) to pick up Hannah because she had a hard time walking. Her pediatrician suspected muscle pain and prescribed pain reliever and warm compress. Hannah’s condition got worst to the point that she had to crawl.


We took her to the urgent care the following week. Another pediatrician checked her and suspected a hip dislocation or a neurological problem. Hannah had to use crutches to aid her walk. She was brave all through this hardship, she even went to that class field trip in Riley’s Farm where she struggled moving from one spot to another. It was amazing because she never complained nor missed school.


She was referred to two medical specialists. The neurologist did not find any neurological problem. The orthopedist ordered a leg and hip x-ray. The x-rays showed that her right leg was 2 inches shorter than the left leg and the right hip was higher than the left hip. They ordered a spine x-ray and found that she had a scoliosis with a nineteen percent (19%) spine curvature.


As indicated above, we went to a healing mass on the thirteenth day (May 9th) after she had complained of right leg pain. She received her first communion on May 27, 2006 limping without the aid of crutches. Before the school year ended (June 14th) she was seen by an orthopedist and her spine curvature went down from 19% to 5%. To this date, Hannah walks perfectly normal just like the way she walked before the April 25th incident.

 Is it common or even within the realms of physical possibilities for a 9-year old girl to develop scoliosis and then have her spine straighten after 40-50 days? Or was it the work of the Holy Spirit?


We believe that Hannah had a healing by the Holy Spirit at the May 9th Healing Mass. We also noticed that she was not only healed physically but she was also healed behaviorally. We noticed Hannah became a much more patient, kindhearted and courageous young lady.


As her parents, we have become more attuned to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. We received the Baptism of Fire during that Healing Mass (which was our first time.) We received Gifts and Charisms of the Holy Spirit we never imagined! We trust God fully to direct our lives according to His will.


To the Queen of Heaven, our Blessed Mother---thank you for always leading us to your Son, Jesus!


To Fr. Michael Sears, you have touched our hearts and our minds by helping us focus on the awesome love, mercy and power of God.


Thank you, Holy Spirit!


Dori and Gary Quinn




Dear Fr. Mike,

I wanted to tell you about the significant role you played in helping me to heal:


My story starts in early May 2004.  It was then that I started to experience symptoms like loss of appetite, severe bloating and constant stomach pains.  After seeing my doctor and taking x-rays, it was clear: I had a severely blocked small intestine.  I immediately went into emergency surgery to fix the problem.  I then tried to recover but didn’t.  I ended up back in surgery eight days later with my doctors using a different approach.  After two major surgeries in less than 10 days, I tried to fully recover over the next seven months.  Although I made some progress, it was clear that I was just not regaining my health.  My family and I knew I needed yet another surgery. 


December 2004 marked the time I had my third major surgery over an eight month time span.  I eventually found out that the digestive problems I was experiencing were so rare that I was actually only the third reported case, ever.  My family and I knew that something dramatic -- and spiritual -- needed to be done if I was ever going to recover from this nightmare.  This was when we heard about Fr. Mike and his Gift of Healing from a family friend.  God seemed to hear us when we asked for a healer.


I was home from the hospital when my parents and I met with Fr. Mike.  He was kind enough to see me on short notice and after some initial introductions, the healing session began.  I first sat down in a comfortable chair in the middle of my parent’s living room.  Fr. Mike asked that each my mother, my father and our family friend lay one of their hands on my shoulder while they stood.  He then asked that we close our eyes, bow our heads and begin praying for my healing.  Fr. Mike did the same but also brought out a special cross that he held in his right hand.  With four sets of hands on my shoulders, he placed the cross on my stomach where my digestive system was located and where my three recent surgeries were performed.  After a minute or so, I started to feel warmth emanating from the cross.  Quite literally, the fabric the cross was touching was heating up!  After a few more minutes, the session was over.  I looked up, told everybody about what I felt and pronounced how alert and rested I was.  I really did feel great!  After seeing my reaction, it was clear to everybody in the room that a very powerful event had just taken place.  We all knew it was God’s healing power working through Fr. Mike and directly into my troubled intestinal system.


Almost a year has gone by since that night of healing with Fr. Mike and I am happy to report that I have fully recovered from all of my digestive problems.  It was clear that, in my case, modern medicine was not good enough, alone, to heal me.  Our family knew I needed something much more powerful.  God knew this too.  This is why He led us to Fr. Mike who, in turn, provided this miraculous gift.


Thank you Fr. Mike for bringing God’s grace and power to my recovery process.  I am absolutely convinced that the session we had allowed me to heal from this most rare and difficult health problem.  In short, I am not sure I would have recovered without your Gift of Healing.


- Chris J.

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