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Posted by:AGNELO
4/7/2017 2:09:46 AM

Please pray for sanctification and the grace of final perseverance for Victoria, Philip, Keith, Celine, Gemma and Beatrice. Please pray for the souls of my ancestors and grandparents in purgatory and for me to be completely healed of chronic stomach disorder.
10/22/2016 1:58:33 AM
pray to the Lord for two great graces of physical healing and for our liberation from the attacks that the devil has unleashed against me and against my family. I'm really tired, I can not go on, the Lord this time must really perform miracles in my life, it must intervene and transform the lives of my family because the problems we are destroying. Physical pain, spiritual and mental risks compromising our whole life and wickedness on the part of many people is likely to cancel my mind and my body already weakened by the disease. If God wants to heal us make us die, this hell not stand it anymore, I'm tired of living. Jesus, hear my cry for help, hear my prayer for Thy great mercy. Thank you.
Posted by:RENAE
2/2/2016 5:16:15 PM
I pray for divine intercession for forgiveness, to dismiss this divorce and  quickly reconcile/restore our holy sacred marriage (D&R). I pray that God will open the doors to communication, and forgiveness and knock down the walls to silence, pride, hurt, and anger. This past November, my husband of 6 years came back from his military deployment, completely moved out of the house, and has filed for divorce without any closure or explanation and zero communication. I was also served the divorce papers this past December at work. 
I humbly ask all the Angels, Saints, Martyrs, Blessed Mother Mary,  Apostles, and Jesus to bind and remove the work of satan, evil spirits, and all negative external influences in our lives and away from our marriage. 
Dear Heavenly Father, please deliver our minds, bodies, hearts, souls, and spirits from all hurt/pain, anger/bitterness, hate/malice, pride, selfishness, lying, lust, rebellion/revenge, fear/anxiety, unbelief/doubt, separation, and confusion, and in turn create a spirit of patience, compassion, faith, self-control, confidence, wisdom, clarity, humbleness, forgiveness, joy, grace, hope, integrity, communication, and unending love. O God, please tear down the walls around our hearts and help my husband find/turn to You and the Holy Catholic Church. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit will dwell and move in my husbands heart, body, soul, spirit, and mind in order for him to be open to see and hear God's message about divorce and marriage reconciliation. Lord please help us to stand firm and put on the Full Armor of God.
In Jesus' name we pray, Amen

I miss my husband so much. Please pray my husband will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I begging and praying for a miracle! 
Posted by:ARMANDO
12/23/2015 7:32:01 PM
Please pray for our special friend who has a very special intention.
Also, for Deanne for an end to her bone marrow cancer.
Posted by:LIVINUS
12/6/2015 3:20:44 AM
Pray for me that God should give me the gift of healing and discerninment.
Posted by:LIVINUS
12/6/2015 3:17:10 AM
Please pray for me that God will fill with his holy Spirit that I will able to carry his will in my life.
5/22/2015 4:08:37 AM
I ask for prayer that god helps me threw my weeknesses and to continue walk his path and to always put him first even when I find my self lost and to get closer to him so that I could show my babies a good example in life and most of all that god opens all the doors to my prayers for my marrige thew that catholic church

Posted by:ARMANDO
5/20/2015 5:47:18 PM
Please pray for Ed. He is a Vietnam war vet and has had a very stressful life. He has PTSD and has anger issues, which hurt his relationships. He stay alone way too much. My prayer is for him to find the love of Jesus in his life.
4/12/2015 11:31:08 PM
I humbly and selfishly request prayers of healing for relief from my chronic pains in my back and in my left leg. The pain is so severe that I bend over in pain and does not allow me to work.
I am grateful to you for interceding on my behalf.
May God bless you and your mission.
Juan Rodriguez
3/25/2015 7:44:34 AM
I ask for your intercession to implore Jesus and Mary to help us in the present difficulties. I ask the Lord three great graces of physical healing for me, my mom and my sister in law, I also ask Jesus to help me in the problems I have at work, I'm tired because I do not work and do everything to get in trouble, for make me lose my patience and to make me go away. I also ask my Jesus to help me increase my faith, hope and charity, to give me the humility and obedience, patience and gentleness; to pour on our spirit flame of Love of the Holy Spirit that brings us his gifts and charisms. We are small and we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Maternal protection and guidance of Mary. I commend all of my family and our problems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and I'm sure that your prayers will get us all grace and blessing from the Lord. Pray for my grandson who flew in the sky before being born. Thanks, I trust in you, God bless you.
Posted by:DEANNA
3/14/2015 10:12:39 PM
Please pray for my 20 yr old nephew. He received head injury from a motorcycle accident today. Thank you
Posted by:ARMANDO
3/5/2015 10:21:50 AM
Please pray for my wife, Deanne who has a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. It is incurable, but it is controllable. Certain blood proteins are excessively high and need to be reduced. She will start a Chemo Therapy protocol soon.
2/16/2015 1:31:03 PM
Pray for my husband ,who has a clogged artery, He is bring checked for possible surgery' Also my daughter has 2 large fibroids in her uterus that needs to be removed on March the 4rth. Thank You for your prayers. God bless You. Anita
Posted by:MOM
2/11/2015 3:41:57 PM
Dear Father and friends, Please pray for Joseph, a young man who had a good Catholic upbringing, but has fallen away from Mass attendance due to evil influences and a very tiring work schedule. Please pray that the people who have influenced him to stop going to church, Celina, especially, will no longer be around him. It may be upsetting to lose his so-called friends, but it is no loss in the long run. Pray that he will meet Catholic friends, and a Catholic girlfriend who will encourage him to live in accordance with God's will and that he will be encouraged to go back to Mass. Pray that the Holy Spirit sets his soul afire for Jesus. Thank you. May God bless your ministry.
11/5/2014 5:10:28 PM
Please pray for Joh Bilotta who has Lou Gehrig's disease. He is 55 years old and has 3 - 5 years to live.

Thank you very much.
10/13/2014 4:53:59 AM
My humble request to everyone plz pray for my nephew he fell from roof and got head injury ..please
May God bless him with His blessing n Do mercy on my family ...
Posted by:CIASETTE
8/24/2014 11:59:09 AM
Please pray for me, I really need your prayer:
- that God gives me a good and stable job asap that brings me true joy,fulfillment, and peacefulness in life. May this be a job that truly expresses my heart and gives me a good chapter in my life with lifetime harmonious relationship with new supportive,kind, and understanding co-workers and bosses.
-that God forgive me and always bless my love for Pedja. May this man forgives me, loves me truly,and comes back into my life again despite of all the worst things that happen between the two of us. May we see each other again and be together loving each other for the rest of our lives. May he be my lifetime partner who truly loves and cares for me and May this love be blessed with wonderful kids of ours.
Posted by:ARMANDO
8/11/2014 5:48:21 PM
Please pray for my wife who has intense pain from the chemo drugs she was given to fight the cancer.

Thank you
7/29/2014 5:55:18 AM
Please pray for our deliverance from the power of evil, curses and all that is evil and that has seeped into our family, pray for us all to keep away from every evil and bad person, any person that may impede our journey of conversion, liberation and even physical healing. Pray to Jesus because they give us faith, hope, humility, and a great love for Him Pray for my sister who needs to find a good job to help the family, and for our economic difficulties. Pray the Holy Spirit descend upon us all, and why even bring along the seven holy gifts and charisms. Lord I ask you to heal me and my mother, I implore you, I can only pray and wait kneeling at Your feet, I know I do not deserve these graces and blessings that I want, help you, if there are obstacles Lord help us remove them with Your light and the Power of your Blood. Thank you.
7/14/2014 1:48:54 PM
Please pray for my sister. She is almost 65. She is in a very high profile position (work). She has more than 200 people under her. The problem is she is way overworked and she is losing it. She is hearing voices. Her 38 yr old daughter begged her not to go to work but she goes anyway. She had this happen 12 years ago. They almost put her in the hospital. She is very catholic and actually attends mass daily. Please pray that she does not have a mental breakdown fr overwork. I suspect she might be bi polar,but is highly functional actually overfunctional. She has too many irons in the fire. She also does jail ministry through the catholic church. She is so good that the sheriffs want her to be the chaplain for them.
Thank you,
donna sanchez
ps she is not able to sleep her mind is just going and going that is why I think she might be bipolar!
Posted by:ARMANDO
5/24/2014 10:34:46 PM
I am asking for prayers to protect our marriage.
Posted by:THERESA
1/21/2014 8:26:06 AM
Please pray for my 6 week grandson, who was diagnosed with a heart murmur.
Posted by:MARIA
1/17/2014 12:30:47 PM
For my sister Martha Gonzalez, for spiritual healing and liberation. For myself for healing from anxiety and depression.
Posted by:MICHELE
1/5/2014 11:32:11 AM
Please pray for my brother, Frank, who is awaiting results of testing for cancer, that he would receive healing.
Posted by:LISAM
12/17/2013 9:57:10 PM
Kindness and love from our children. A Holy Christmas shared and felt in our family and all!
Posted by:TGOMEZZ
12/4/2013 5:45:57 PM
I ask for prayer for Andrew and Teresa. For God to open their hearts and reunite them in their relationship. That the most sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary can heal their wounds. Amen
Posted by:JAMES
11/13/2013 6:54:05 PM
Please pray for my son Cory. Cory has fallen from believing in God. Please pray for him to come back to the Church and to start having a relationship with God.
Posted by:ARMANDO
11/1/2013 10:52:15 PM
Please pray for my wife Deanne, who has Multiple Myeloma; this a blood disorder that has gotten worse as of late. Thank you, very much.
Posted by:ARMANDO
10/23/2013 1:32:54 PM
Pray for Phyllis she has breast cancer.
Posted by:SUE
9/18/2013 1:36:16 PM
For Vicente, early 20's his work vehicle was hit by a big rig and he is being taken to the UCI trauma center in Irvine. He has serious head and chest injuries. Thank you for your prayers.
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